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    1. Learning with SparkPost

      Email 101

      Essential Email Concepts and Terminology

      Email Message Flow, Sending and Delivery Explained

      Our email pros give a helpful primer on email message flow, from sending to delivery. We help make sense of SMTP, MTA, MX, IMAP, Email API and more.

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      Email Sender Reputation

      Here’s what you need to know about your email sender reputation: what it is, how it’s scored, and how to protect it with monitoring and an IP warm-up plan.

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      transactional email engagement yellow background purple pop art white email page 360x274

      Transactional Email Explained

      Transactional email is a fundamental part of how customers interact with an app or service. Here are the facts you need to know about these messages.

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      Email Deliverability

      Navigate Authentication Protocols and Sending Best Practices

      DMARC Explained

      DMARC Explained

      DMARC is a standard for defining email authentication and enforcement. Learn how it works, record types, policies, and more.

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      Feedback Loop (FBL)

      Understanding Email Feedback Loops

      ISPs give key signals via email feedback loops (FBLs). Managing them is crucial to email deliverability. Here are the basics you need to know about FBLs.

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      DKIM Explained

      DKIM Explained

      DKIM is a technical standard for email authentication that helps ensure email wasn’t altered in transit. Here’s how it works.

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      Technical & Implementation Guides

      Switch Email Providers or Implement New Technology Seamlessly

      SendGrid Migration Guide

      Make your move from SendGrid to SparkPost as smooth as possible. Get key setup steps and differences in technology and terminology.

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      SparkPost Email Delivery Service Data Sheet

      Getting Started with SparkPost

      Walk through SparkPost account setup and best practices you should have in place before you begin sending.

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      Mailgun Migration Guide

      If you're considering the switch from Mailgun to SparkPost, get everything you need to transition as smoothly as possible here.

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